Random batch of Reaver (Fable III) progress!

Waistcoat was still in progress when I took these, and lighting’s bad now so I’ll take pics of that tomorrow, but here’s his coat, trousers, and hat! All made without patterns or guides, just guessing my way along… it seems to be my strength haha

The collar is super warm, and Saturday of McM expo I am gonna be nice ‘n toasty~

Naruto pLZ 

It’s like a set: Expectation vs Reality 

But here you go, my cosplay for Sunday of MCM Expo this coming weekend~

Long time no post! I’m gonna be working on that, though, haha.

As a sort of ‘Hey hello’ enjoy these lovely, and somewhat derpy, in the case of the last two, pics of my Kise Ryouta cosplay, worn to Alcon 2014~

Lovely photos courtesy of the wonderful YukinePhotography

Kurokocchi~ is Rizzy

Aominecchi~ is Ruxtano


Oh nooooo my everything slipped and suddenly I did a thing


Makeup like this is hella fun okay don’t u judge me

Whilst I hunt down more hq versions of my Mass Effect shoots, and begin sobbing over my next big projects, have a cosplay that took me two evenings to make~
Something nice and comfy and simple for Hyper Japan in London on Saturday C: with my Jin and Fuu, naturally!

If you wanna say hi we’ll be by the food and booze most of the day xD


Costesting make up for Ren, I’m new at bodypaint so please excuse the very messy/smudged tats. Shall be wearing him to Hyper Japan on saturday with a mink in maid outfits so look out for us if you’re around!
The Syringe and earrings were made by my friend GeenieJay who crafts Beautiful jewllery and merch, and also takes commisions! Please visit her etsy or insta~ <3



i messed around with a bit of make-up hurr

Doki doki Miiiiisaaaakkiiii~~~

» Facebook Cosplay Page

I’m not going to promote this too much, as I think I’ll be more active here, as always, but since a lot of people have been asking me if I have one/if I’ll open one recently, I figured it was about time I made a facebook cosplay page!

Link so people can like/follow/whatever you want~ I don’t mind C:


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Fushimi kidnapped Misaki for his birthday- such a wonderful way to spend a special occasion, ne, Misaki~~?


Hanna Duxfield as Fem Shep

Danielle Starkey as EDI

Matt Wadge as Joker

Photos by Carlos Adama taken at LFCC 2014